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How To Start CrossFit

1236052_233882480101514_1687931234_n HOW CAN I START CROSSFIT?

STEP 1: MEET THE TEAM Please send us and email or call us. Our contact detail are on the contact page. Come and have a look around the gym and meet the staff.

2: FOUNDATION COURSE. Our foundation course consists of 3 x 2 hour sessions with one of our coaches. This can be taken as a 1-2-1 intense course.  Once you have done all 6 hours you can then purchase a membership and book into classes. The cost of this course is £45 per hour/£270 of which is paid directly to coach. Alternatively you can book into one of our group courses. We have a six hour group course split over 3 days which take place once a month on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday night from 7pm – 9pm for 2 hours each evening or we have our 1 day course which is also 6 hours starting at 11am and finishing at 5pm. Group foundations are all £70 with a discount code available from our admin team.

To register click here.

Please email infop360uk@gmail.com for more information.

-The fundamental movements covered on the course are detailed here:

STEP 3 : ATTEND STANDARD CLASSES -In classes you will learn to further develop your fitness, strength and skill levels in groups of 10 participants -We have a ratio of 2 coaches per 10 participants. This allows us to effectively manage the groups and means that we can spend a good amount of time working with individuals if required without detracting from the group.exposure and progression in our fundamental movements. -Our prices for classes are as follows: 3 classes per week = £93 per month Unlimited membership = £135 10 class pack = £135 -The class packages above give you access to all classes on the timetable including: Crossfit, Recession proof body, and weightlifting. Open gym is also included in this package.