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26th Jan - Goals Workshop with Ed Brown

Want to challenge yourself with a new goal but not sure how you're going to achieve it? Join our founder Ed Brown on 26th January for our Goal Workshop, and he'll help you understand how you can work towards reaching your target.

During the workshop, Ed will discuss what goals are, how to set them, and how to achieve them.

Ed writes: "In my experience as a coach, I quite often see that people can get lost in a multitude of fitness programmes and fad diets. It is quite often the case that people will train but not know what they are training for and have no idea of how to set goals in regards to their training.

Setting goals in your training is key to keeping you focused and maintaining progress, and is also the foundation of any fitness programme. Join me at this workshop, and I'll help you set your own goals and create a plan for achieving them"

Ed is an experienced strength and conditioning coach and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, with over 10 years experience in Personal Fitness and Martial Arts. He founded Performance 360 in 2012.

This event free event is open to both our members and the general public. Sign up and register your place here.


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