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Online Classes - Timetable Update

Hello all!

After a successful trial of our online classes, we've decided to add even more to the timetable.

  • Mondays - Home HIIT @ 12 pm

  • Tuesdays - Extreme Kettlebell/Dumbbell Class @ 12pm

  • Wednesdays - Home HIIT @ 6 pm

  • Thursdays - Extreme Kettlebell/Dumbbell Class @ 6pm

  • Fridays - Home HIIT @ 12 pm and 6 pm

  • Saturday - Home HIIT @ 9 am

  • Sundays - Mobility @ 10 am

On Saturday 18th April @ 10am we're also hosting a seminar with Unorthodox Nutrition to help you with all your lockdown related food and diet questions! Book in via the timetable!

It's been great to see so many of you joining and enjoying the classes, our community lives on even in these strange times! We know it can be challenging keeping yourself as fit and active during lockdown, so it's great we can provide some coaching and motivation to you all.

We're determined to keep this going, and come back as strong as we were before. As a business, we've been able to cover most of our ongoing costs through kit rental, and also through the generosity of those members who chose not to freeze their memberships - trust us when we say the support means the world to us.

Our staff are all freelancers, so our next step is to support them as much as we can through this difficult period, which is why we are offering members who have frozen their memberships - or other guests - the chance to make donations for the classes they attend.

When booking a class now, you'll have the option to donate either £3, £5, or £10 when you book, or you could donate £50 to cover your classes for the month. This donation is completely optional, and we understand that some of you may also be facing financial difficulty during this time, so we'll still have the option to attend without donation!

If you have any questions at all, or need our help with anything, please drop us an email to




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